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AmRad Medical Classic AC400​

Floor Mounted System

Compact design for facilities with space constraints. Economical and versatile to meet the budgetary
requirements of the facility. Customized and flexible configurations

Economical yet full-featured, the AC400 can be configured to meet the needs of any department. Cross-table exams are easily performed using the +/- 180º rotational and +/- 5 in. transverse positioning capabilities. Available with either 8 ft. or optional 10 ft. rail, the AC400 can be used to perform most weight bearing studies.

Extensive travel of the tubestand accommodates a wide selection of radiographic procedures including:

  • Table top
  • Off-table
  • Weight-bearing
  • Cross-table imaging

The float top table provides effortless patient positioning. The table features a completely flat working surface for table-top procedures with no image distortion. The smooth, quiet lift mechanism of the optional elevating table feature permits smooth transfer of stretcher, wheelchair, casted or geriatric patients.

Key Highlights:
  • Four-way Float Top Table
  • Elevating Table, 400 lb Patient Capacity
  • Elevating Table, 650 lb Patient Capacity
  • J1000 Wallstand with PA Hand Grips
  • Wallstand can be used with CR and DR panels
  • Overhead Grip for J1000 – When Your Patient Needs More Stability
  • Grid cabinets in place of Buckys
  • 10 ft. Floor Rail tubestand
  • Compact design for facilities with space constraints
  • Economical and versatile to meet the budgetary requirements of the facility
  • Customized and flexible configurations
Compact & Versatile

When x-ray imaging is only one of the services you provide, the Classic AC400 ensures fast payback. The Classic’s Tubestand design maximizes the imaging capabilities of medical practices with limited space.

Rugged and Efficient

Wear-resistant steel tracks offer extended tubestand travel.

Low-Volume Alternative

Flexible configurations fit any imaging environment.

High-Capacity Elevating Table

Seamlessly supports patients weighing up to 400 lbs.