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AmRad Medical FMT

Floor Mounted System​

The AmRad™ Medical FMT and DFMT Systems can be configured to meet the needs of any department. The FMT is an economical alternative to the DFMT with the same versatility and functionality as the DFMT.

Quality and Volume Alternative

The AmRad FMT is a high-quality alternative to the DFMT. The robust FMT offers the versatility and functionality of the DFMT with an analog SID readout for more conservative imaging budgets.

Excellent Value

A cost-efficient precision imaging suite

Built To Last

A heavy-duty, continuous-column tube-stand allows for stable floor-mounting.

Highest-Capacity Elevating Table

Supports patients weighing up to 650 lbs.

Key Highlights:
  • Elevating Four-way Float Top Table
  • Designed for all types of applications, available in 400lb and 650lb patient capacities
  • Four-pedal design allows for easy accessibility to table lock release
  • Collision-protection and fail-safe locks ensure safe operation
  • Center mounting or side mounting of bucky makes wall-stand flexible for any patient application or installation limitation
  • Ergonomically designed hand control for ease of positioning wall receptor
  • Side-mounted hand-grips stabilize patients during PA exams
  • 35.5” wide table top
  • Four-way lock release handle
  • Non-elevating version available in 400 lb and 650 lb patient capacities
  • Overhead grip
  • Grid cabinets in place of bucky