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InnoVet Select HF

Veterinary High Frequency Radiographic System

InnoVet, the most respected name in veterinary radiography, leads the profession in product performance, reliability and support. With products that are designed by veterinarians for veterinarians, InnoVet has the radiographic system that will best fit the needs of your practice.

Delivers Uncompromising Functionality

The InnoVet Select is a special version of the Classic which allows for customization by the end user. By selecting from over 15 options, you may tailor the system to meet your specific needs and at the same time avoid paying for unwanted features. In recent years, the average InnoVet Select featured 5.3 options and sold for a price $2,900 less than a fully-loaded system. Examples of popular InnoVet Select options include:

  • A 300 mA high frequency generator that is 30% more powerful than standard frequency.
  • An upgrade of the 300 mA high frequency generator to an even more powerful 500mA.
  • A 2-way or 4-way float top table
  • One or two easy – access cassette bins.
  • The “no-hands” collimator system.
  • An anatomically programmed console.

Whichever options you may choose, you are sure to find them to be valuable, easy to use additions to your InnoVet Select.

Key Highlights:
  • Integrated 60 Hz Generator
  • Table / Tubestand
  • X-ray Tube C458
  • Cables C600-10
  • Collimator G800
  • Exposure Switch A981
  • Generator Options
  • Table / Tray Options
  • Tube  Collimator Options
Leading The Profession

The InnoVet product line is designed for you by Summit Industries, a Chicago-based manufacturer of radiographic equipment celebrating over 20 years of creating innovative radiography products for clinical applications. In all, Summit has manufactured over 20,000 veterinarian and human medical systems, which currently produce over 50 million quality images annually.

As the leader in the veterinary industry, Summit has happily donated InnoVet systems to nearly every vet school in the U.S. Since 1995, 80% of all DVM undergraduates were trained on an InnoVet.

The InnoVet Family

At Summit, we recognize that all practices are not the same. Some are limited in space, others are spacious. Some take 5 films a day, others take 100. Some specialize in exotics, others in large animals. Some are new openings, others are long-time practices. But not to worry, there is an InnoVet model to fit every practice need.

Digital Ready – Right for Today or Tomorrow

InnoVet radiographic systems are compatible with most digital imaging systems. Our InnoVet DVM – Digital Veterinary Module, can be easily added to an InnoVet at time of purchase or any time after purchase to convert your system to a DICOM-compliant digital imaging system. Or, for the ultimate in digital imaging, ask about our top of the line InnoVet DXR.