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InnoVet Versa DR

Veterinary Digital Radiographic System

Versa DR sets a new standard in digital radiography. It’s a complete digital system incorporated into the most attractive and safety-conscious exterior on the market.

Setting A New Digital Standard

Since space is a luxury in many veterinary practices, the stationary-top Versa  DR system has only a 34” x 81” footprint–20% smaller than previous systems.

  • Superior image quality with the lowest patient dosage
  • Lowest overall cost of ownership
  • Our most compact and powerful digital offering to date.
  • User-friendly DICOM compliant imaging software integrates seamlessly with most practice management software.

Versa DR’s sleek design also provides extraordinary safety:

  • Encased x-ray tube reduces radiation leakage by over 50%.
  • A unique tube column and tube cover safeguard staff & patients from exposed electrical wires.
  • Rounded corners prevent hip-level bruising common to veterinary technicians.
  • High-quality collimator meets Federal radiation leakage requirement for human applications.
Customize to Your Needs

You should only pay for the features  you need, options like:

  • Anatomical Programmed Technique Selection
  • Upgrade to 500mA Power (300 mA standard)
  • 4-Way Float-Top Table
  • Hands-Free Collimator Light Activation
Simple User Interface

An intuitive graphical interface offers point & click functionality for speedy image selection.  When integrated with practice management software, patient studies may be pre-loaded within the patient record.

Acquire and Edit In Seconds

Make image adjustments and diagnoses on the spot so you can treat patients and inform clients in record-time.

Precision Imaging

Versa DR is the perfect system to obtain digital images for all species from 120 lb Great Danes to 7 gram finches. Add to all these benefits the exceptional technical support and you have the best digital X-ray system on the market.

Keep Everyone Connected In Real-Time

The well-being of a companion-animal affects more  people than just the client you advise. Versa DR lets you easily share patient results with staff or outside radiologists via DICOM transfer.

You can also convert images to common viewing formats  (.jpg, .bmp, .tiff) and burn them to CD/DVD, or email them immediately to a home computer or web-enabled smart phone.

Streamlined Patient Care

User-friendly acquisition software integrates with most practice management systems to electronically integrate radiographic studies with lifetime medical records.

With The Lowest Overall Cost of Ownership

Versa DR is a fully-integrated digital imaging solution. It does not rely on cassettes or cassette-readers that are easily contaminated and wasteful.

Not Ready for Digital Right Now?

When you know digital imaging is in your future, check out Versa.  Versa is the premiere radiographic solution for veterinarians who plan to upgrade to digital imaging later on. Versa by InnoVet comes with all the components you’ve seen here, without the digital receptor.  When the time is right, you may add the digital components at a special price – and maintain your original parts warranty.