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Konica AeroDR LT

Digital Radiography

With high reliability and capacity to help maximize patient outcomes, productivity and return on investment.  AeroDR LT 14″x17″ detector combined with CS-7 Software delivers the maximum potential for providers to increase image quality through a robust enterprise caliber user interface.

Konica Minolta’s AeroDR LT is designed to provide versatile, durable and reliable imaging to improve patient outcomes, productivity and return on investment.

Whatever your specialty and clinical environment, Konica Minolta has Digital Radiography solutions that help you make better decisions sooner—fitting your needs now and helping move your practice forward. Made to be moved, designed to withstand the rigors of high-volume clinics and hospitals.

  • Versatility, performance, and reliability to improve radiography device utilization and ROI
  • Wireless, user-friendly solution enables smooth transition to DR
  • Ideal for most general radiography applications

Increase uptime with one of the most durable panels on the market. Simple workflows help clinicians see more patients in less time, so you recover costs quickly. Plus our signature excellence in service helps keep your equipment operating optimally—and your cost of ownership low.


Make more decisive diagnoses, with exceptional image quality enabled by a combination of high detective quantum efficiency (DQE), advanced image processing software and improved dose efficiency. Industry-leading processing time gives you more immediate results to share with patients.


The highly intuitive AeroDR user interface keeps technology out of the way, so clinicians can work more efficiently and spend more time with patients. AeroDR easily integrates into new and existing X-ray equipment, including multidetector rooms and portables. Optional wired connection and roaming capabilities allow you to share panels between devices, maximizing installation flexibility and system utility.

Key Highlights:
  • Shorter charge time: 13-minute charge for 4.1 hrs. of use
  • AeroSync – Automatic Exposure Detection
  • The flexibility and strength to hold up to 661 lbs. on a bed
  • Liquid resistance, IPX6 compliant
  • Grip sheets to aid handling
  • One second preview, six second cycle time
  • Power, speed and simplicity of operation ideal for general radiography
  • Lightest panel in its class: 5.5 lbs. including built in power capacitor
  • Simple and reliable for Primary Imaging
CS-7 Operating Platform
  • Study Append
  • Free Text Annotation
  • Automatic Masking
  • Study List Filter
  • History Search
  • Image Zoom
  • Grid Supression
  • HIPPA compliance enabling features (password protection, screen black out)
  • Procedure Code Mapping Tool
  • Study Combine and Move
  • DICOM Store
  • DICOM Modality Worklist

With AeroDR LT exams can be performed faster with image preview in one second and fully processed images in as little as six seconds. It is compatible with most X-ray devices with the AeroSync automatic exposure detection. Roaming capabilities allow AeroDR LT to be used and shared between fixed and portable X-ray devices. Handy grip strips make the panel easier to position and its lightweight 5.5 lbs. design makes this FPD simple to handle.


Primary Imaging can take its toll on wireless flat panels. The AeroDR LT is designed to withstand the bumps, drops, loads and liquids found in ER/Trauma rooms,ICU/CCU units, or at the patient’s bedside. Featuring a weight to load ratio — up to 661 lbs. — and the highest bend and liquid resistance in it’s class, AeroDR LT is built to withstand continued use in most environments. Completely sealed with no external battery, AeroDR LT can be wiped clean with approved cleaners after each use to fulfill your hospital’s infection prevention protocols.


Avoid unplanned downtime and achieve greater productivity with the reliable AeroDR LT. Our lithium ion capacitor charges in 13 minutes to provide 4.1 hours or 150 images 3,4,5. Built-in panel drop sensors and monitoring provide ongoing data on panel handling, so you can avoid catastrophic failures, reduce repair
costs and gain peace of mind. With Aero Remote, you can even perform initial diagnostic checks without calling for support. In addition, as the lightest panel in its class at 5.5 lbs. and with convenient grip strips, the AeroDR LT is easier to handle.