G3 Acuity DR Panels

Digital Detectors

G3 Acuity DR 1417W, 1717W, and 1012W portable models provide limitless portability with reliable operations. Upgrade Now! Experience unbeatable performance of G3 Acuity DR and increase your productivity and diagnostic confidence! G3 Acuity DR, Radmedix’s innovative digital x-ray solution combined advanced ‘Information Technology’ with the latest digital detector technology. With its versatility, G3 Acuity DR provides ultimate image quality and can be applied in multiple environments for various applications.

  • Cassettes size to effortlessly fit into standard x-ray cassette trays
  • Direct deposited Csi for low dose, high resolution exams
  • Smooth sealed surface lock out moisture (IPX4 standard)
  • Highly durable unibody design for ultimate rigidity
  • Extended battery life up to 8hrs. on wireless models
  • Integrated wireless charging
  • Tru 16 bit image capture and display
  • Adaptive Window Control (AWC) standard on all models