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Rayence Xmaru ChiroView

Chiropractic Acquisition Software

The Xmaru Chiropractic Viewer is a robust viewer for today’s busy chiropractors with over fifty advanced measurement tools in addition to standard XmaruView features such as DICOM Send, Image Stitching, DICOM Print, Export/Import JPEG and a DVD/CD Burner with viewer.

High Quality Diagnostic Software and Industry’s Best Algorithm Parameters

Designed to provide user-friendly functionality and increase workflow, Xmaru ChiroView allows image viewing to be done in every exam room throughout the office. The software also allows users to import DICOM images from outside facilities, burn images to a CD/DVD or USB memory stick, and print to paper. With our industry leading chiropractic measurement tools and easy to follow tutorials on how to properly apply the measurement overlays.

The Xmaru ChiroViewer includes image backup/restore functions for disaster recovery and comes with a short measurement tool tutorial allowing users to become more proficient with how to “draw” particular measurements. Each tutorial explains the function and usage of the tool. In addition, you can edit and personalize description for your own tools.

Key Highlights:
  • DICOM File Management and Printing
  • Image Magnification
  • Image Stitching
  • Side-by-Side Image Display
  • Image Length and Angles Measurements
  • Image Text, Graphics and Electronic Markers Image Annotation
Chiropractic Measurement Tools:
  • Skull Analysis
  • Cervical Spine Analysis
  • Thoracic Spine Analysis
  • Lumbar Spine Analysis
  • Lower Extremity Analysis
  • Upper Extremity Analysis
Intuitive GUI and Smart Guide

Xmaru ChiroView provides a user is designed for user friendly environment such as DICOM compliant, large data processing.

  • Smart Guide tutorial provides a simple user teaching aid on how to use the measurement tools
  • Intuitive and direct graphic user interface with X-ray detector and generator
  • Optimized exposure conditions and image review
  • Reduces unnecessary rework
Harmonic Stitching (optional)

Image stitching is achieved by selecting one of three methods: Full-Auto, Semi Auto or Manual. To eliminate the exposure borders of each image due to varying densities, Rayence’s advanced gradation process is automatically applied.  Together with Rayence’s optional automatic stitching software, up to three views can be automatically stitched at a touch of a button, making stitching examinations easier than ever to attai