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Samsung HS60

Ultrasound System

Samsung’s HS60 ultrasound system has adopted this integrated solution in order to provide exquisite image quality and expert tools that enable you to focus on your specific needs.

Versatile Capabilities With Greater Accuracy

HS60’s remarkable capabilities are complemented by advanced abdominal, small parts, and cardiovascular tools that also feature in this premium system.

More Valuable Information

Samsung’s advanced imaging technologies can provide new insights based on highly detailed images. This valuable information enables confident decision making.

Increased Consistency

Thanks to its specially designed solutions, including an extensive range of quantification functions, the HS60 creates consistency to ensure accurate measurement.

Highly Detailed Images Through Innovation

Samsung’s innovative imaging technologies and single crystal transducers provide highly detailed images to increase diagnostic confidence even with challenging patients.

User-Oriented Features That  Streamline Your Workflow

A busy practice needs user-oriented features to manage routine ultrasound exams. Accurate and easy-to-use, HS60’s comprehensive features enable greater throughput.

The HS60 has been designed to enhance efficiency through reducing keystrokes, enabling you to streamline your workflow by combining multiple actions into one. Its user-oriented design also enables you to focus on your patient, reducing the complexity and stress of operating the system.

Designed for your convenience

A combination of a comfortable environment and a streamlined user interface, together with design features such as a large LED monitor and touchscreen, enable the clinician to focus on imaging while also reducing the stress of operating the HS60.

Beyond Experience
  • Advanced Intelligence
  • Enriched View
  • Streamlined Workflow
  • Patient-Centered Care
Key Highlights:
  • Quick Preset
  • 21.5-inch full HD LED monitor
  • 10.1-inch touchscreen
  • EZCompare
  • Measure Navigation
  • Gel Warmer
  • Clever Use of Space
  • Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • Battery Assist
Comprehensive Selection of Transducers
  • Curved array Transducers
  • Volume Transducer
  • Linear array Transducers
  • Phased array Transducers
  • CW Transducers

A diagnostic ultrasound technique for imaging elasticity, ElastoScan™ detects the presence of solid masses in tissues and converts any stiffness into color images.


NeedleMate+™ ensures precise needle targeting when performing commonly used intervention procedures.


E-Strain™ is designed to enable quick and easy calculation of the strain ratio between two regions of interest for day-to-day practice. Simply by setting the two targets, you can receive accurate, consistent results and make informed decisions in many types of diagnostic procedures.

Auto IMT+

Auto IMT+ is a screening tool to analyze a patient’s potential risk of cardiovascular disease. It allows easy intima-media thickness measurement of both the anterior and posterior wall of the common carotid by the click of a button. This simple procedure enhances exam productivity and adds diagnostic value.


Strain+ is a quantitative tool for global and segmental wall motion of the left ventricle (LV). In Strain+, three standard LV views and a Bull’s Eye are displayed in a quad screen for easy and quick assessment of the LV-function.


S-Flow™, a sophisticated color Doppler technology with greater sensitivity, can help to detect even the peripheral blood vessels. It enables accurate diagnosis when blood flow examination is especially difficult.

S-Vue™ Transducers

HS60 incorporates single crystal technology. Employing an innovative crystal design, S-Vue™ transducers provide more efficient piezoelectric properties, resulting in wider bandwidths that enable better penetration and higher quality resolution on even challenging patients.


The noise reduction filter improves edge enhancement and creates sharper 2D images for optimal diagnostic performance. The integration of specialized Samsung technology results in a notable improvement in image quality. In addition, ClearVision provides application-specific optimization and advanced temporal resolution in live scan mode.


This new harmonic technology provides greater image uniformity from near to far field while reducing signal noise. Combined with S-Vue™ transducers and


EZ-Exam+™ enables users to build or to use predefined protocols. It transforms the ultrasound investigation into a streamlined process. EZ-Exam+™ ensures the full investigation is performed, eliminating the risk
of forgetting an image or loop capture, as well as measurement and transducer preset

Advanced QuickScan

Image optimization can be done simply with one touch of the QuickScan button. Samsung’s advanced QuickScan technology provides intuitive optimization of both grayscale and Doppler parameters.changes.


EZ-Compare™ allows easy access to previously taken exams to evaluate corresponding views in a side- by-side display. For greater efficiency, EZ-Compare™ automatically matches the image settings, annotations, and bodymarkers from the prior study.