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Ziehm Vision R

C-arm Imaging System

The Ziehm Vision R is a more economical version based on proven image intensifier technology. It meets your requirements in a wide range of clinical applications and is the perfect choice for demanding procedures in neurosurgery, vascular procedures and cardiac applications. 

Powerful Solution for Superior Mobile Imaging

The powerful monoblock generator with rotating anode delivers up to 20 kW power, enabling the system to produce high-quality images with minimal dose exposure. This high-frequency pulse generator operates with a variable pulse width between 7 ms and 30 ms. It also comes with a unique liquid cooling system (Advanced Active Cooling) and is specially designed for extended use in operating theaters. The Ziehm Vision R features a 19″ dual flatscreen monitor, which clearly visualizes the smallest anatomical details even from a distance or at an angle.

  • Small footprint
  • 20kW pulsed monoblock generator with rotating anode
  • Available with 9″ and 12″ image intensifier
  • Advanced active cooling system
Imaging technology:

Image intensifier, Ø 9 in / 12 in


1 k x 1 k

Power generator:

20 kW, pulsed monoblock generator



Advanced Active Cooling (AAC):


Orbital Movement:

135 degrees

For Demanding Interventions
… with a range of finely tuned components deliver outstanding image quality
  • Pulsed monoblock generatorwith an rotating anode and 20 kW power performance
  • Advanced Active Cooling for optimal generator temperature
  • Short, sharp pulses for crystal-clear images even during significant anatomical movement
New Dimensions In User Friendliness
… adapted to clinical workflows with new levels of intuitive guidance
  • Dedicated SmartVascular workflow for advanced vascular procedures
  • Intuitive user interface with SmartEye technology
  • Up to three synchronized, intuitive touchscreen user interfaces with SmartEye technology
Reduce Exposure Significantly
… due to the next-generation SmartDose1 concept
  • Comprehensive dose concept for high image quality and minimized dose
  • Automatic optimization of dose and image quality with advanced anatomical programs
  • Dedicated functions to significantly reduce exposure in pediatric surgery