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Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition

C-arm Imaging System

The Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition1 is powering the growing convergence between surgery and minimally invasive procedures. It quickly and easily extends clinical capabilities to include hybrid cardiovascular surgery. Now featuring CMOS technology for excellent image quality, the Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition1 comes with an enhanced imaging chain, better resolution and improved dose management for optimized clinical outcomes.

The Office-Based Labs (OBLS) and Hybrid Room Solution

An aging population is creating an increasing demand for cardiovascular surgery. The Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition1 is a powerful 25 kW mobile C-arm that comes with CMOS technology for even better image quality in challenging procedures such as these. By taking OR flexibility and clinical capabilities to the next level, The Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition is a valuable contribution to any clinic’s competitiveness and financial performance. Requiring zero modifications to existing ORs, this mobile, feature-rich hybrid solution is ready to go – anytime, anywhere.

  • Great option for the mobile interventional suite
  • 25 kW pulsed monoblock generator with rotating anode
  • Motorized 4 axes controls
  • Available with 20.5 x 20.5 cm & 31 x 31 cm digital flat panel detectors with CMOS technology
Imaging Technology

CMOS, flat-panel, 20.5 cm x 20.5 cm / 31 cm x 31 cm
a-Si, flat-panel, 30 cm x 30 cm

Detector Resolution

CMOS: 2 k x 2 k / 3 k x 3 k
a-Si: 1.5 k x 1.5 k

Power Generator

25 kW, pulsed monoblock generator

Ziehm Usability Concept




Advanced Active Cooling (AAC)


Orbital movement

165 degrees


Full control of the 4 motorized axes


Extend Your Cardiovascular Surgical Capabilities
… with a powerful 25 kW mobile C-arm
  • Pulsed monoblock generator with 25 kW power performance
  • Latest CMOS flat-panel technology
  • Advanced Active Cooling for optimal generator temperature
  • Integrated energy storage for higher performance levels
Take Your OR to the Next Level
… with a mobile hybrid solution
  • Full control of the 4 motorized axes via the Position Control Center (joystick module) and touchscreen with variable isocenter
  • Flexible setup of the control modules 
    (Position Control Center and Remote Vision Center) right from the sterile field
  • 165 degrees of orbital movement for easier patient coverage
  • Dedicated SmartVascular workflow for advanced vascular procedures
Deliver Advanced Surgical Care
… with the Ziehm Usability Concept
  • Zero room preparation with easy and fast set-up
  • Avoidance of complex and expensive planning and construction phase
  • Reduced operating costs in comparison to conventional Hybrid ORs
  • Ziehm Usability Concept combining a unique and finely tuned set of hardware features with seamlessly integrated software functionalities\
Plug In and Start
… your hybrid procedure with zero room preparation
  • Comprehensive dose concept for high image quality and minimized dose
  • Automatic optimization of dose and image quality with advanced anatomical programs
  • Dedicated functions to significantly reduce exposure in pediatric surgery5
  • Beam Filtration for reduced skin entrance dose without compromising image quality for all CMOSline systems