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Ziehm Vision RFD

C-arm Imaging System

Benefit from outstanding image quality at a minimized dose and from unparalleled ease of use and flexibility. The Ziehm Vision RFD delivers superior image quality previously only expected from fixed installed systems. Equipped with flat-panel technology, the C-arm is the perfect fit for demanding procedures: vascular and cardiac surgery, interventional procedures including EVAR, PTCA and hybrid room applications like heart-valve implantations.

The Ultimate C-Arm to Outperform

The treatment of cardiovascular and degenerative musculoskeletal conditions calls for high-performance intraoperative imaging technologies. With over a decade of flat-panel performance, this C-arm is available in proven a-Si technology or now features the latest CMOS FD technology. The Ziehm Vision RFD is the preferred model for highly demanding orthopedic, trauma or cardiovascular interventions that require more information in one image. Both the a-Si and CMOS systems are equipped with a powerful generator for optimum penetration, Advanced Active Cooling to enable longer procedures and an intuitive operating concept for high clinical standards.

  • 25kW pulsed monoblock generator with rotating anode
  • Available with 20.5 x 20.5cm & 31 x 31 cm digital flat panel detectors with CMOS technology
  • Advanced active cooling system
Imaging technology:

CMOS, flat-panel, 20.5 x 20.5 cm / 31 x 31 cm a-Si, flat-panel, 30 x 30 cm


CMOS: 2 k x 2 k / 3 k x 3 k a-Si: 1.5 k x 1.5 k

Power generator:

25 kW, pulsed monoblock generator

Ziehm Usability Concept:




Advanced Active Cooling (AAC):


Orbital Movement:

165 degrees

Trust In Over A decade
… of flat-panel performance now enhanced with CMOS imaging excellence
  • Latest CMOS flat-panel technology
  • Optimal soft tissue and bone contrast with high spatial resolution and low noise levels
Unlock The Power To Perform
… with advanced generator and cooling technology
  • Pulsed monoblock generatorwith 25 kW power performance
  • Advanced Active Cooling for optimal generator temperature
Deliver Advanced Surgical Care
… with the Ziehm Usability Concept
  • Best-in-class ergonomics with a footprint of only 8.6 sq ft. and 165 degrees of orbital movement
  • Up to three synchronized, intuitive touchscreen user interfaces with SmartEye technology
  • Ziehm Usability Concept combining a unique and finely tuned set of hardware features with seamlessly integrated software functionalities
Reduce Exposure Significantly
… with the next-generation SmartDose
  • Comprehensive dose concept for high image quality and minimized dose
  • Automatic optimization of dose and image quality with advanced anatomical programs
  • Dedicated functions to significantly reduce exposure in pediatric surgery5
  • Beam Filtration for reduced skin entrance dose without compromising image quality for all CMOSline systems