Clean Waste Systems

Preserve the Environment, Save Money, Improve Safety

Using ambient air, a small amount of water and a little electricity, clean waste technology leaves a very small environmental footprint. For just pennies per pound, you can treat your own waste on-site and being 100% electric allows you the choice to turn it on or off as needed. Because only natural resources are used, these solutions are the safest and most sustainable waste treatment technology on the market today.

The OMW 400 uses our patented ozone process to sterilize all waste. Due to its unique size, this system provides an even smaller environmental footprint and is capable of fitting in most hospitals for on-site waste treatment needs. Treats up to 400 lbs per hour.

The OMW 1000 uses our patented ozone process to shred and sterilize all waste within your treatment facility. This system is able to shred and treat large amounts of regulated medical waste: red bag, pathological, animal, sharps and non-hazardous pharmaceutical in a self-contained system. Treats up to 1000 lbs per hour.

How It Works

1. Waste cart is rolled directly to the ozone medical waste processor.

2. Waste is weighed, documented and lifted for treatment.

3. Waste is shredded to HIPAA standards.

4. Sterilized with Humidizone™ (ozone).

5. Transfered to disposal container.

6. System Automation: Fully automated and controlled by PLC with remote monitoring.

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