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Universal DC Choice

Digital Chiropractic Imaging Suite

The Universal DC Choice is an affordable, cost effective flat-panel digital x-ray system that will instantly improve the efficiency of your practice. Digital radiography provides a clean and streamlined imaging process by eliminating the need for cassettes, film, chemistry, automatic film processor, darkroom, film storage, and monthly maintenance.

An Economical and Small Footprint Radiographic System

The Universal Chiropractic System effectively combines flexibility, efficiency and affordability. The system will instantly improve patient workflow by eliminating the use of cassettes and developing conventional x-ray film. Instead, Universal Chiropractic Systems are powered by the intuitive Vieworks DR system giving technologists access to high resolution digital imaging and processing capabilities.

The user-friendly DelWorks image acquisition and processing software is easy to operate with a wide range of tools for a variety of image manipulations. This fully integrated, Windows-based user interface simplifies every step of the examination procedure, including:

  • Anatomical programming
  • Advanced image processing and algorithms
  • QA and post processing of acquired images
  • Network connectivity for patient selection
  • DICOM Store, DICOM Print and DICOM Modality Worklist
  • Image Stitching (optional)

DelWorks DR can also be used to upgrade existing film or CR systems.

Expansive Movements

Featuring a floor-wall to floor-ceiling tube stand and a compact wall stand, the system delivers extensive vertical travel allowing for a full range of upright positions. The tube stand features electromagnetic brakes and a fixed positioned tube arm for easy and accurate positioning to the wall stand.

Compact Wall Stand

The slender VS100 wall stand can accommodate a wide variety of cassette-sized imaging solutions, making it perfect for traditional film, CR, and DR configurations.

See Every Detail

Upgrade your Universal Chiropractic system with our most affordable digital system option — Vieworks DR. Viework’s VXView image acquisition software produces exceptional clarity and resolution, perfect for chiropractic spine studies. Images can be sent to PACS, which possesses powerful tools capable of a variety of chiropractic specific image enhancements