Mobile Diagnostic Imaging Installs Mobile DR Panels and PACS from X-Ray Visions

Mobile Diagnostic Imaging, a mobile x-ray provider based out of Belmont, OH provides mobile diagnostic imaging services to assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and homebound patients.  MDI recently installed 2 Rayence Xmaru 1417 DR panels.  Before the upgrade, MDI used plain film and cassettes. The Rayence panels are being used with their existing Sterne Medical Acu-Ray mobile units. While bedside, MDI is able to send all of their images to an eRad Practice Builder 1-2-3 PACS.  This digital upgrade has allowed MDI and the radiologists to immediately access new studies through the PACS.  This digital upgrade has allowed MDI to increase through put and accuracy, while allowing for the patients and referring physicians quicker access to radiologist reports.