Spinal Body Wedges: One Great Positioning Sponge, Two Handy Models

Spinal Body Wedges: One Great Positioning Sponge, Two Handy Models

X-Ray Visions supplies a huge range of medical imaging accessories and solutions. One of our most popular product lines is the Techno-Aide Positioning Sponge products. Positioning sponges are important for countless medical imaging applications. Every radiologist knows what it’s like to try to get a clear image when a patient has to hold still in an awkward position. In short: it’s just not gonna work.

Techno-Aide’s positioning sponges are the answer. Made of dense polyfoam, each sponge is crafted to provide comfortable support and immobilization for patients. Sometimes these patients are disabled, in pain, or even unconscious. In these scenarios, clear imaging would be impossible without a positioning sponge for the job. But in decades past, sponges like these showed up in the final images,with line artifacts and extra densities that obscured the final image.

With the Stealth Sponges, Techno Aide has cleared up the issue. With no hard corners, and materials that are “invisible” to radiographic imaging, you won’t see a Stealth Sponge in your final image. BUT, a stealth sponge is not always a perfect fit for every single application. Take, for example, our Spinal Body Wedges.

Two Choices for Spinal Body Wedges

In almost every case, Techno-Aide’s innovative Stealth Sponge designs are superior to older positioning sponge units. But some people still ask for our old models. Take our Spinal Body Wedges, for instance. In order to prevent line artifacts, the stealth version of the 45 degree spinal body wedge includes a flared base for maximum image clarity. This doesn’t work for all customers, some of whom say they prefer the older model because the sponge is not shown in the final image. So line artifacts are not an issue. Space is the driver.

In response, we offer a sponge in the same dimensions (no flared base) as the old model (#UCBD), this time with our patented Stealth Cote protective coating. Though this design leaves some trace artifacts, customers report that these do not matter as the sponge is not shown in the final image. Some find it is easier to use as well. So we provide both. If this seems a little confusing, here’s all you need to know:

Flared Base Stealth Cote 45 Degree Spinal Body Wedge: #YCBD
Stealth Cote 45 Degree Spinal Body Wedge (No Flare): #YCFD


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