Stealth Cote: A Positioning Sponge That Won’t Slip

Stealth Cote: A Positioning Sponge That Won’t Slip


Image clarity is what everybody wants to know about when considering a new brand of positioning sponge. Positioning sponges are an essential part of everyday radiology practice. They help patients  hold still in sometimes awkward positions in order to provide a crisp, clear image that diagnoses their problem perfectly.

Techno Aide’s Stealth Core and Stealth Cote positioning sponges are created for optimum image clarity, for a variety of radiology applications. These designs have no hard lines or material flaws, which show up in the final image as artifacts. In substandard designs found in other corners of the radiology industry, these artifacts make it difficult to correctly diagnose fractures and the like. “Is that an artifact, or is that a fracture of the first metacarpal?” Techno Aide stealth core and stealth cote positioning sponges eliminate the need for this conversation.

But one question we still occasionally receive from potential buyers is about something you NEVER want to happen on the imaging table: slippage. Some manufacturers make coated sponges with vinyl finishes, which makes them slip and slide all over the place during imaging and positioning. This not only makes it tough to get a crystal-clear image, it can be painful for a patient who is perhaps suffering from a broken bone or other injury. For both reasons, a non-slip sponge is crucial. Lucky for you, Techno Aide stealth sponges won’t slip or slide, giving you a perfect foundation for image clarity.

This is accomplished in a couple of different ways. Techno Aide has selected a non-vinyl plastic coating to apply in a very thin layer on all Stealth Cote sponges (Stealth Core sponges have no coating). Not only does this make the positioning sponges easier to keep clean, but it actually increases positioning stability, and does not impede it. Furthermore, Techno Aide always keeps stability in mind when designing the shapes and sizes of our positioning sponges. A tiny sponge may take up less space in the storage cabinet, but its small surface area will find little grip on the imaging table. Our sponges are given larger bases, to maximize contact between sponge and surface, thereby minimizing slippage.

Techno Aide provides a wide variety of radiology accessories, for an endless variety of applications. When we set out to engineer a new product, we make sure that it is compatible with our whole line of products to better serve our customers who outfit their practices with many Techno Aide products. Stability is just one benchmark for safe and clear radiographic imaging, but it’s one that informs the design of each of our products. Stealth sponges will provide positional stability that’s hard to find from competitor positioning sponges. Used with other products within Techno Aide’s radiology accessory catalog, the company-wide commitment to safety and stability will result in remarkable ease of use and product satisfaction.

Don’t let slippery vinyl sponges slide away your image clarity. Techno Aide’s stealth sponges provide unprecedented clarity, without the slippery finish of older competitor sponge designs and yes easy to clean! Try the difference for yourself and make your imaging operations faster, safer, and more economical for all involved.

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