XRV Launches internship with ECPI

XRV Launches internship with ECPI

Beginning in January 2014, X-Ray Visions has partnered with ECPI University in Manassas, Virginia to provide an internship program for electrical engineering students.  Selected students from this program will shadow our engineers for a period of 6-10 weeks to provide them with hands-on experience to complement their academic curriculum.  In addition, this gives us a firsthand look at potential candidates that might qualify to fill future engineering positions in the company.

Frank Scherf, XRV’s Director of Human Resources, participates on the ECPI advisory boards for electrical engineering and radiologic technology. The purpose of the advisory board is to review the program curriculum to ensure it meets the needs of the workplace, communicate new industry, and technology changes and help prepare new graduates prepare for work in their selected field.

For additional information on the new internship, please contact Frank Scherf at frank.scherf@xrayvisions.net. 

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